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Why play rugby?


Rugby is a great social game that provides opportunities to build fitness and strength with friends and family.

Who plays rugby?


Rugby is an incredibly inclusive and diverse sport, known as a sport with "a position for everyone." The game has many variations to fit different preferences including non-contact versions.

Is it safe?


While rugby is a contact sport, and comes with inherent risks, the clubs and league take safety of players very seriously. Coaches are required to be trained to teach safe techniques in the contact areas of the sport.

What is the cost?


Rugby is one of the least expensive sport options for both youth and adults. You can play touch rugby in the park for free with friends and family, or you can join a club to participate in contact options! Club members pay dues which include fees for USA Rugby and Rugby Washington (detailed below).

Is it a good workout?


Rugby is a full body sport that requires both jogging and sprinting. Contact rugby requires exactly that: contact. Clubs will help you get in-shape and stay in-shape with both cardio and strength.

Can I take it to another level?


The US offers amateur rugby to youth and adults, in clubs and in college (a few colleges even offer scholarships). There's also a semi-professional league including Seattle's very own back-to-back champion Seawolves! Beyond that, athletes may even have the opportunity to represent their country in the Olympics or the Rugby World Cup.

Is there a disability option?


Wheelchair rugby (WCR) is offered in the Paralympics, and Seattle has a WCR team: Seattle Slam. Rugby Washington also strives to adhere to ADA requirements!

Is there a family option?


A few clubs in Washington offer a full range of teams, from youth divisions through adults. No matter what, clubs always have an opportunity for parent(s)/guardian(s) to be involved!


A member of Rugby Washington is a representative of the organization and is expected to adhere to RWA Policies and Procedures, Culture and Values, and Code of Conduct at all times.


Player registration fees are determined by individual clubs. Included in club dues are pre-determined Rugby WA fees and USA Rugby fees. Contact your club to inquire about club dues.

Rugby Washington Player fees are seasonal fees contributing to Referee and ATC payments (see Competition P&Ps), paid staff, event support, Coach and Admin development, and education, pathway development and promotion, and other support costs.
Rugby Washington Player fees:

  • 7th/8th - JV/Varsity: 
    • Fall Season: $30
    • Spring Season: $50
    • Summer Season: $15
  • u10 - u12: 
    • Spring Season: $40
    • Summer Season: $10
  • 1st/2nd - 3rd/4th/non-contact:
    1. Spring Season: $25
    2. Summer Season: $5

USA Rugby fees are an annual membership fee applicable to players, coaches, admins, officials, and volunteer and provide: accident and liability insurance and background check for participating adults. USA Rugby membership expires August 31, of each year.

    • Coach fee: $65
    • Referee fee: $65
    • Admin/Exec/Volunteer: $35
    • JV/Varsity player: $35
    • u12/14 player: $25
    • u10/non-contact player: $5