Rugby Washington Transfer Policy


A request for member transfer must be completed if an athlete intends to register for a club but is, or has been, registered with a different club. 

  • Off-Season/Pre-season Transfers:
    • Players may transfer clubs prior to the start of a new season (i.e., between playing seasons) by following the Player Transfer Request Protocol (PTR). If a player requests to join a different club (the “Transfer Club”), the Player and Parents as well as the Transfer Club shall provide a minimum of two (2) week notice to the previous club (the “Initial Club”). The Transfer Club Coach/Administrator must inform the Initial Club Coach about the proposed transfer by contacting them in person, through telephone or email, prior to the formal PTR process, as well as notifying Rugby WA that a transfer request is impending. 
    • Athletes who participate in U14s and below do not have to complete the Off-Season/Pre-Season Transfer process.
  • Mid-Season Transfers:
    • If a player requests a transfer to a different club (Transfer Club) after being properly registered for a season with the Initial Club, the parents of the player requesting the transfer must follow the Player Transfer Request (PTR) protocol. Mid-season player transfers are strongly discouraged. The Transfer Club Coach/Administrator must inform the Initial Club Coach about the proposed transfer by contacting them in person, through telephone or email, prior to the formal PTR process, as well as notifying Rugby WA that a transfer request is impending.
  • Summer Sevens Season Transfers: 
    • Players being temporarily transferred to another club for the Summer Sevens Season, must only be transferred from a club that does not participate in 7s. It is expressly prohibited for a player to be temporarily transferred from a team that is participating in the 7s season, to another team also participating in the 7s season, for the sole purpose of making the transfer team stronger. If a player is temporarily transferred to another club during the 7s season, that player will not be permitted to register with the transfer club in the subsequent 15s season, and must remain with their initial club. Permanent transfer requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis in case of family relocation or other extenuating circumstances.


  • All PTR’s will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
    • Reasons that will likely be approved:
      • The player has moved to a new location or school.
      • The player has been the victim of criminal misconduct including, but not limited to, harassment or bullying.
    • Reasons that are not likely to be approved:
      • Desire to play for a “winning” team.
      • Dislike of another member of the club (unless there is proof of misconduct).

Player Transfer Request Protocol:

  1. A player and their parent(s)/guardian(s) must Complete the Player Transfer Request form on the website under the Members>Transfer tab. If the form is not working, you may email with the following info:
        • Player Name
        • D.o.B.
        • Rugby Experience
        • Former Club
        • Transfer Club
        • School attending (including proof of enrollment)
          • I.e. one of the following:
            • Student ID
            • Screenshot of Student's online portal
            • Letter from the school
        • Reason for the transfer
    • This request must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the requested transfer date. 
    • The player may not participate with the Transfer Club until the transfer has been approved. 
    • The player will be required to submit documented evidence of their reason for a transfer request.

  2. Transfers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the RWA chief executive and the appropriate age-level commissioner. If the two are not in agreement, then the other commissioners will contribute. If the decision is still split, the RWA President (or the RWA VP, if the President is the chief executive) will make the tie breaking decision.
    • Rugby WA will have fourteen (14) calendar days to approve or deny the PTR. Submission does NOT guarantee approval.
    • Transfers must be approved no less than 3 weeks prior to the end of league play in order for the player to be eligible for playoffs with the Transfer Club.
    • Transfers for High School aged athletes will require approval from the Initial Club. Upon receipt of a PTR, RWA will request approval from the Head Coach of the Initial Club. The coach will have 72 hours to respond to the request.
      • If no response is received from the coach, RWA will request approval from the Club’s Primary Contact. The Primary Contact will have 72 hours to respond to the request.
      • If no response is received, RWA will assume the Initial Club has no input on the Transfer and will proceed under that assumption.
  3. Appeals
    • If the transfer is denied, an appeal may be submitted to, no more than 72 hours after the original decision has been sent. 
    • Waiver appeals will be reviewed by the RWA Secretary, Treasurer, and Disciplinary Chair.
  4. Sanctions
    • If a player without an approved transfer is found to have participated in a RWA event they,  and the participating club, will be subject to a discipline investigation.


Rugby WA prohibits club representatives and especially coaches from “raiding” or “poaching” players from another club at any time and/or encouraging their players to recruit or poach a player(s) from another club. RugbyWA supports the active recruitment of players for the purpose of growing the club and the sport, but not to the detriment of another club and purely for self-interest. Raiding/Poaching is considered an attempt by a club representative, coach, parent or attempt by any of the above through a current player to coerce or lure a player away from their current club (e.g., offering a hardship scholarship or the potential of college scholarship, or potential of winning a championship).

Any accusations of raiding or poaching should be submitted to the Disciplinary Chair following the processes in the Disciplinary Policies.

New Clubs/Teams

Rugby WA will encourage, promote and support the growth of the sport and provide guidance and direction to expanding clubs in the fairest, most rational, and unbiased manner possible. It is understood that when a new club is established, there is the potential that it will involve players that previously played on another club. Any athlete who is transferring to a newly established club must complete the PTR.

If a new club is established by splitting off from an existing club, any player who wants to transfer to the new club must be approved through the PTR. In order to avoid a new club being established at the detriment of an existing club, approval of the transfer requests will take the original club's registration numbers into consideration.