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2016-2017 RugbyWa Player Registration/USA Rugby CIPP Registration

Welcome to a new year of rugby!  The Rugby Year is from September 1st of 2016 thru August 31, 2017.  When you register and make your first payment, we will put you on the roster and arrange for a USAR Registration CIPP Number.

Grades 9th-12th players pay $50 plus $30 USAR.  

Grades 7th-8th players pay $50 plus $20 USAR.  

Grades 5th-6th players pay $25 plus $20 USAR.

Grades 1st-4th players pay $25 plus $5 USAR.

Registration now pays for your availability to play in the 2017 Spring 15 a-side season as well as your USA CIPP fee which is good up to August 31st, 2017.  Additional club fees, tours and trip fees will be managed by your clubs and coaches.  

Rugby WA fees pay for fields during state championships, refs throughout the season, extra certified trainers, etc required at all match locations. 

2016-2017 RugbyWa Player Registration/USA Rugby CIPP Registration

(click on link above to register)

Level 200 Coach's Clinic Opportnity


Here is another opportunity to attend a level 200 coach's clinic, if you do not have your level 200 certification.  

Please note that in order to be a club in good standing, you need to have a registered level 200 coach.

USA Rugby will be hosting a Level 200 coaches clinic on Sunday, December 4th at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club. Feel free to forward this information to your coaches needing a level 200 certification. Thank you!

To Register:

1.       Hold current USA Rugby Membership.

2.       Complete online Level 100 course.

a.       Completions must be emailed to before people can register for the Level 200.

3.       Register for the Level 200 clinic HERE

Contact Kelley Sullivan at USA Rugby with any registration questions or issues:


·         (720) 508-8008

2016-2017 Club/Team Registration


We are requiring you to register your club/teams through Rugby WA this year.  

Get a head start and sign up your clubs/teams now.

Click image to the right to access the registration link.

Coach & Admin Registration

Register all your coaches and managers here!  Insure you get newsletters and communications.   



Register Here for Kent Crusaders

Click on the logo and go to the 2017 Spring 15s Kent Registration site.


Sign up today!

It's always Rugby weather!

Everett Eagles Rugby Registration

Click on link and get signed up today~

Eastside Lions Rugby Registration Link

Click on the logo....sign up with Eastside Lions Rugby Club for the 2017 Spring 15s season

Goff Report High School Rankings


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Vance Hill of the Eastside Lions is committed to rugby and the growth of RugbyWA.  He has pledged $15,000 over 3 years and 10% of his sellers commission from referrals made thru RugbYWA.  Thinking of buying or selling, call Vance Hill at Remax.

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RugbyWA has also signed a sponsorship agreement with World Rugby Shop.  WRS is able to set up a team store for each of your clubs. Apparel can be printed with your team logo and your club will receive and annual 10% rebate check.  Ask your coach or manager for your store so you can represent.  Buy only 1 item and have it printed with your team logo!  

This is American Rugby

This Is American Rugby online magazine follows the USA Eagles.  Recently our newest sponsor Vance Hill was interviewed about his very generous donation to RugbyWA!

Click on the title to read that interview.  Thank you Vance and This is American Rugby for the shout out!


RugbyWA Grade-Based Registration 2016-2017

In general, RugbyWA eligibility rules follow those of USA Rugby with some local variations. Please see the full Eligibility Policy document below as well as the Eligibility Waiver Application.

As we continue to move toward more acceptance by the local schools to gain school-based team status, we are registering our players by considering their grade level instead of their birthday and year.  This is more in-keeping with the way the schools think and talk about their students and athletes.

The 2016-20-17 School year registration for RugbyWa will open September 1, 2016.

Students going into 1st and 2nd grade, 6 -8 years old, previously the U-9 teams, and going into 3rd and 4th grade, 8-10 years old, previously the U-11 teams, will play in Jamborees.  These are team sponsored matches where all kids in that age group come together, to play rugby.  They are coach reffed with coaching happening on field of play.  All boys and girls are welcome and matches will be played so every player gets maximum playing time.  These games will be non-contact.

Students going into 5th and 6th grades, 10-12 years old, previously the U-13 teams will have scheduled games but scores will not be recorded or kept as league play.  These are the early development teams and the importance is on skill acquisition, sportsmanship, fitness and safety with rugby as a contact sport.

Students going into 7th and 8th grade, 12-14 years old, previously the U15's, will have scheduled and refereed matches using USAR rules for time and discipline. These teams are considered league play and will follow the path for play-offs and state championship tournaments.

Students going into 9th and 10th grade, 14-16 years old, previously the U-17's will be called Junior Varsity, JV.  These, too, will be refereed matches and follow the path for play-offs and state championships.

Students going into 11th and 12th grade, 16-19 years old. previously the U19's will be called Varsity.  Also refereed and will follow the path to play-offs and state championships



New Season Grown-Up Code of Conduct

Please Remember:

These are kids, your kids, and your friend's kids

This is just a game.  These are teaching moments.

All of the coaches and assistant coaches are volunteers.

The Refs are human and have kids of their own.  They get it.

We are always looking for new refs and would be happy to have you sign up and take the course.

This is not Six Nations, The World Cup, The Olympics or The Super Bowl. It's just a game.  Please be Respectful of the players, the refs and the game.