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    Rainier Highlanders swept the day winning all three divisions on Saturday May 21st at a beautiful but very windy Central Washington University field.

    Rainier Highlanders 7th/8th Graders over Budd Bay 14-5

    Rainier Highlanders JV over Eastside Lions 31-10

    Rainer Highlanders Var over Liberty Patriots 25-15


    State Finals are Set!

    After a couple of very tough losses, close, physical games, use of the Tie-Breaker Rules, the semi-finals are complete and the teams are in their last week of preparation for the State Finals at Central Washington University in Ellensburg on Saturday May 21st on the Alder Field.

    The first match is at 10:00 and will be the 7th & 8th Grade teams of Rainier Highlanders vs. Budd Bay Barbarians. (2x25 min match)

    *******The 2nd match is at 11:15 and will be the Rainier Highlanders JV team vs the Eastside Lions JV team (2x30 min match)*******time change*******notice

    The final match will be at 2:15, the D1 Varsity teams of Rainier Highlanders vs. Liberty Patriots.  Game time is 2:15 and will be a 2x35 min match)

    We have to be off the field at 4:00 (fyi)

    Boy's Playoff Picture! Semi-finals on May 14th

    Good Afternoon Rugby Families and Fans,

    Most of you have been following the standings on the website and have a good sense if your team has made it.  The top 4 boys teams in D1, D2, JV, & 7th/8th play in the semi-finals.  Generally, those games are hosted by the 1st place team.  The home team is the first team listed here.

    As schedules are confirmed and field locations known, we will post them. We now have a few times to list.

    For D1 Varsity Play-offs on May 14th will be:

    Rainier Highlanders vs. Eastside Lions 3:00 PM at the White River Ed Center neat Buckley

    Liberty Patriots vs Chuckanut Bay Steamers 2:00 PM at Pat Ryan Field

    For D2 Varsity Play-offs will be

    The Goth vs Tacoma Tsunami 3:00 at the Spokane Polo Grounds in Spokane

    The Kitsap Renegades vs The Yakima Griffins at 1:00 at the View Ridge Elementary School

    JR Varsity Playoffs May 14th will be:

    Rainier Highlanders vs Liberty Patriots 1:00 PM At White River Ed. Service Center near Buckley

    Eastside Lions vs Chuckanut Bay Steamers 12:30 at the Ringdall Fields in Bellevue

    For the 7th/8th Grade Playoffs on May 14th will be:

    Rainier Highlanders vs Liberty Patriots 11:00 AM at the White River Ed Service Ctr. near Buckley

    Budd Bay Barbarians vs Eastside Lions 2:30 PM at Rainier Vista Park-Lacey

    Watch for more details.  And remember, the state finals will be May 21st in Ellensburg at Central Washington University.


    Goff Report High School Rankings


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    Vance Hill of the Eastside Lions is committed to rugby and the growth of RugbyWA.  He has pledged $15,000 over 3 years and 10% of his sellers commission from referrals made thru RugbYWA.  Thinking of buying or selling, call Vance Hill at Remax.

    Register Here for Kent Crsaders

    Click on the logo and go to the Kent Registration site.

    Everett Eagles Rugby Registration

    Click on link and get signed up today~


    Sign up today!


    Rugby 7's

    Youth and High School Tournament hosted by the Liberty Patriots.

    For more information contact Tournament Director Sean Twoey at to get your team or child involved in this exciting day of rugby!


    • May
    • 30
    Memorial Day
    • May
    • 30
    Girls Loggers Practice
    • 4:00pm-6:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
    • Magnuson Park, Seattle
    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jun
    • 11
    Super Saturday at Rainier Vista
    • All Day Event Ical_event_icon
    • Rainier Vista-Lacey
    • Annual Seniors rugby tournament hosted by Budd Bay Rugby Club

    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jun
    • 19
    • 9:00am-4:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
    • Moshier Park
    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jun
    • 25
    Great NW Challenge-Girls & Boys Loggers Teams
    • All Day Event Ical_event_icon
    • Crystal Lakes Sports Field
    • 100 SE Fisher Lane, Corvallis, OR

      Oregon State University

    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jun
    • 26
    Great NW Challenge-Girls & Boys Loggers Teams
    • All Day Event Ical_event_icon
    • Crystal Lakes Sports Field
    • 100 SE Fisher Lane, Corvallis, OR

      Oregon State University

    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jul
    • 2
    JBLM Commanders Cup
    • All Day Event Ical_event_icon
    • JBLM Joint Base Tacoma
    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jul
    • 3
    JBLM Commanders Cup
    • All Day Event Ical_event_icon
    • JBLM Joint Base Tacoma
    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jul
    • 4
    JBLM Commanders Cup
    • All Day Event Ical_event_icon
    • JBLM Joint Base Tacoma
    • Tag(s): Calendar 
    • Jul
    • 4
    July 4th Holiday

    Girls High School Club Nationals In Ellensburg at CWU!

    Everyone is invited to attend this very exciting Girls National High School Rugby Tournament.  The Kent Crusaders Girls are ranked 2nd in the country behind Fallbrook and will be looking to move up to #1.  Coached by Rex Norris and Brad Young, these girls just returned from a club tour to New Zealand winning games there as well.  

    Our Boys State Championship game is specifically being played at CWU on the same day so all families and rugby fans can get to CWU and see Washington State High School Rugby in action!  

    Girls State Finals on Sunday May 8th saw the Kent Crusaders keep the trophy!

    After several games of Girls Rugby Jamboree style to close out the season, The Rainier Highlander Girls challenged the Ken Crusader Girls to the State Championship Trophy.  The Kent Girls ruled the pitch and game away with the victory 56-0.

    I would really like to post some photos, so if there are some out there, please send them to me in the next few days.

    Thanks to our hosts, Quigg Davis and Jed Burman and all the other Budd Bay families who helped out.  And to the moms who said OK to the girls playing one more time on Mother's Day!

    It's always Rugby weather!


    Excited to play Summer Sevens! Ready to sign-up and be part of the fun!  Don't know if you registered and paid already?

    If your player is in 1st thru 8th grade and they played in the Spring Season, they are eligible to play Summer Sevens already!!! The grade level of your player for the summer is the same of what they are in right now.

    Didn't play in the Spring but will in the Summer, register here and NOW!  Click on the picture and it will take you the the registration page.

    Directions to Central Washington University

    Game times listed on the left column.  Alder Field #3

    Get there early and watch the Girls National Championships on Field 1 & 2.  Kent Crusader Girls!!!

    CWU is at 400 E University Way, Ellensburg.  Click on the PDF for written directions.  The Campus map will help you navigate thru the campus to the Field #3 Alder and the Boys Matches.

    Field #3 is on Alder St. between Nicholson Blvd and 18th St.

    We will get signs up so you will find us!

    You can park for free in Nicholson Pavillion on Saturday.

    And there is neighborhood street parking.

    State Finals are set!

      Boy’s State Finals

    May 21, 2016

     7th & 8th Grade; Jr Varsity;  

    D2 Varsity  &  D1 Varsity

    Congratulations to all our 8 teams!

    Team Check-ins at the RugbyWA tent, please present as a team.  It will go much faster.  I will have the tent set up and ready for check-in by 9:00

    I'll need the photo roster of your team with player names, CIPP # and DOB and Jersey # for the day.  Be sure the coaches photo, CIPP number, and Coaching Level are on the roster.

    The players must bring a photo ID.  Could be driver's license or ASB card.

    The Saturday 

    Clothing Worn under the Jersey and Shorts

    World Rugby has banned these items for safety reasons

    Any item contaminated by blood; Any Jewelry

    Any item sharp or abrasive, buckles, snaps, hair pins, rings, hinges zippers, screws, bolts etc.


    PLEASE advise your team to read and follow these clothing guides.  A player will not be permitted to play in the CHAMPIONSHIPS until the illegal item is removed.  These are USA Rugby Guidelines and have been on the website since June 2015.

    Compression shorts must be higher than the knee and cannot contain sewn padding

    Compression shirts are permitted under the jersey, that shirt cannot have a hood.

    Leggings or tights, regardless of turf or grass are not permitted for men.

    Medical braces on knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, cannot have any metal, hinges, or plastic.  Nor can such items have padding or tape over the medical device to cover or hide the metal, hinge, or plastic.

    Full Finger Gloves are not permitted.  Rugby specific mitts that do not cover the fingers from the top knuckle to the top of the finger.

    Mouth guards are mandatory and may not have a loop or other attachment or piece of plastic outside the mouth.

    No metal cleats, no screw-in cleats.

    Coaches will also receive the Tie Breaker Policy and we had to use it at the semi-finals!  Thank you for respecting those.  

    Coaches will also receive the Substitution/Replacemnt Policy



    Girls Loggers Tryouts and Practices at Magnuson

    Practice and camp dates have been set for players wanting to be considered for the Girls Loggers team.  We will be selecting about 50 girls for the Varsity and JV teams to play in the Great Northwest Challenge in June in Corvallis, Or.

    The practices will all be at the Magnuson Park Rugby Pitch in Seattle are are each 2 hours in length.  Please communicate with Sharon or Carly if you are unable to get to a practice because of school or family commitments.  This communication lets them know you are very interested and want every consideration for the team.

    Next Camp will be Saturday April 30 from 12-2.  Check this calendar and join the Facebook group for all up-to-the minute Girls Loggers information and messages.

    Good Luck!

    Hannah S, Teulia T, Telikai M, Gracie S, Nadine A, Hepisipa O, Alexa V Not shown Jessica M, and Martina L

    These are the first year players in our newly formed 7th and 8th grade girls team.  Credit Andy Ramsay for taking the lead in getting the girls together from a couple of squads and all the parents and girls for wanting this to happen.  They drive down every weekend to play in the Rugby Oregon girls league and are 2-0!

    Go Girls!

    Thank you's to Andy and the Parents to make this happen for them.


    Coach & Admin Registration

    Register all your coaches and managers here!  Insure you get newsletters and communications.   




    RugbyWA has also signed a sponsorship agreement with World Rugby Shop.  WRS is able to set up a team store for each of your clubs. Apparel can be printed with your team logo and your club will receive and annual 10% rebate check.  Ask your coach or manager for your store so you can represent.  Buy only 1 item and have it printed with your team logo!  

    New Season Grown-Up Code of Conduct

    Please Remember:

    These are kids, your kids, and your friend's kids

    This is just a game.  These are teaching moments.

    All of the coaches and assistant coaches are volunteers.

    The Refs are human and have kids of their own.  They get it.

    We are always looking for new refs and would be happy to have you sign up and take the course.

    This is not Six Nations, The World Cup, The Olympics or The Super Bowl. It's just a game.  Please be Respectful of the players, the refs and the game.

    Final weekend of Summer Sevens COVINGTON LOCATION



    Kent President Dawn Polaris has arranged for us to play again at the Covington location! Wilson Field would have been too small and parking too difficult.

    We are compiling points, wins, losses, ties, and game counts so we can seed properly.  Schedule should be posted Thursday night.

    Good food and medals awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Championship games will be  played on field 1 which is the football field so we have the bleachers for better fan viewing.



    Other Links of Interest


    Our RugbyWA governing body

    Rugby Dump Clips

    Great Clips from around the world of Rugby

    Rugger's Edge

    Navigate College Rugby

    RugbyWA changes to Grade-Based Registration 2015-2016

    In general, RugbyWA eligibility rules follow those of USA Rugby with some local variations. Please see the full Eligibility Policy document below as well as the Eligibility Waiver Application.

    As we continue to move toward more acceptance by the local schools to gain school-based team status, we are also changing the way we register our players by considering their grade level of instead of their birthday and year.  This is more in-keeping with the way the schools think and talk about their students and athletes, making us less weird.

    The 2015-2016 School year registration for RugbyWa will open September 1, 2015.

    Students going into 1st and 2nd grade, 6 -8 years old, previously the U-9 teams, will play in Jamborees.  These are team sponsored matches where all kids in that age group come together, to play rugby.  They are coach reffed with coaching happening on field of play.  All boys and girls are welcome and matches will be played so every player gets maximum playing time.  These Jamborees are usually followed by a potluck.

    Students going into 3rd and 4th grade, 8-10 years old, previously the U-11 teams, will also be part of the Jamboree scheduling.

    Students going into 5th and 6th grades, 10-12 years old, previously the U-13 teams will have scheduled games but scores will not be recorded or kept as league play.  These are the early development teams and the importance is on skill acquisition, sportsmanship, fitness and safety.  

    Students going into 7th and 8th grade, 12-14 years old, previously the U15's, will have scheduled and refereed matches using USAR rules for time and discipline. These teams are considered league play and will follow the path for play-offs and state championship tournaments.

    Students going into 9th and 10th grade, 14-16 years old, previously the U-17's will be called Junior Varsity, JV.  These, too, will be refereed matches and follow the path for play-offs and state championships.

    Students going into 11th and 12th grade, 16-19 years old. previously the U19's will be called Varsity.  Also refereed and will follow the path to play-offs and state championships


    If you have questions, please contact Susan Michaels, Executive Director.

    This is American Rugby

    This Is American Rugby online magazine follows the USA Eagles.  Recently our newest sponsor Vance Hill was interviewed about his very generous donation to RugbyWA!

    Click on the title to read that interview.  Thank you Vance and This is American Rugby for the shout out!